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Erica’s Cowl Inspiration, Details & a Few Random Thoughts

It wasn’t until RiverSystem told me he’d handed the keys back that I realised how much the stress of the last few months has had on me mentally and physically. As soon as the keys went back, it felt like a cloud lifted from my brain and I could think clearly for the first time in months and months. Since my bad fall in September really! I haven’t even wanted to knit or crochet or anything.

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It’s cold out there!

I don’t know if you’ve looked out the window today but it’s a bit cold and snowy outside. We were supposed to be moving this weekend but it’s been postponed due to the Red weather warning for snow! We can’t get our car out and Teddy is even refusing to go out to pee! The… Continue reading It’s cold out there!

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An Unusual Conversation…

I try not to talk about my mental health here for fear of what the trolls will try to say about me. I’ve decided though to stop caring about what they think. They don’t live with me so their assertions that I don’t have a mental illness have no basis in reality. I have been… Continue reading An Unusual Conversation…

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Mood Blanket 2018

A lot of people do blankets every year based on the temperature or the colour of the sky or weather. I’ve been wanting to do something similar but different because let’s face it, I like to be awkward! So after much thought and lots of brain storming, I had a brainwave! I have this thing… Continue reading Mood Blanket 2018

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Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protection – Review

It isn’t common knowledge but I suffer from a grievous affliction. It’s awful and not talked about often enough because of embarrassment or pride. The affliction is a skin condition called Lichen Sclerosis. I doubt you’ve ever heard about it before so I’ll tell you about it.  The official symptoms are small white patches, itchiness, fragile… Continue reading Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protection – Review