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Podcast Episode 9 – Hospital Trips and Pom-Poms.

I’m so grateful to Sheena from The Mermaid’s Purse. I used the Eco4ply in the¬†Plankton¬†colourway. I wasn’t going to have enough and she had the perfect solution! An almost solid blue skein that matched perfectly!

Business · Crochet · Depression · designing · Fibromyalgia · Gifted Goodies · Inspiration · Knitting · Looking for the silver lining · Mental Health · Operation Better Me · Pattern · Random Musings · SelfCareSunday · Technology · Weight Loss · Willis Accounting · WIP Bag

Bullet Journaling For the 21st Centuary

At the beginning of the year, I began Bullet Journaling. (Bujo for short.) I really enjoyed it but I lost interest because it just didn’t work for me. And even more importantly I got really discouraged by the fact that everyone else’s looked so much better than my efforts! I’ve never been good at making… Continue reading Bullet Journaling For the 21st Centuary

Disability Awareness · Fibromyalgia · Medical Procedures · Mental Health · PCOS · Random Musings · Weight Loss

Getting Used To a New Idea…

So last moth I was told I had PCOS. I was also know that I need an operation to remove a cyst that’s as big as my left ovary and is damaging my appendix. This will be done via keyhole surgery. However, I know that being obese is going to make the risks higher. The… Continue reading Getting Used To a New Idea…