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Pretty Period Sanitary Towels – One Year On

Can you believe it’s been a year since I started using cloth sanitary protection? In case you don’t remember my original review of Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protetion, you can find it here.

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KnitterScarlet Yarn Review

As a first impression, I thought the yarn was so beautiful and really well packaged. I thought I took a photo of the package when it came but I can’t find it now. I got RiverSystem to take a video of me winding the yarn which I’ve uploaded to YouTube for you to see.

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The Secret Sisters In Concert

If you’ve never been to The Tunnels before, I would recommend it as a really cool place to go! It’s difficult to find the first time, but once you know where it is then you won’t forget again! Basically it’s two former train storage tunnels underneath Temple Meads Train Station. Think Thomas the Tank’s storage shed and you’ll kind of get the idea! Or maybe that episode where Gordon decided he didn’t want to go out in the rain and got bricked up in the tunnel! Anyway, it’s really cosy and intimate and you feel like you can get up close with the performers! We were sat in the front row though…

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Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protection – Review

It isn’t common knowledge but I suffer from a grievous affliction. It’s awful and not talked about often enough because of embarrassment or pride. The affliction is a skin condition called Lichen Sclerosis. I doubt you’ve ever heard about it before so I’ll tell you about it. The official symptoms are small white patches, itchiness, fragile… Continue reading Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protection – Review

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Weekend Away Part One – American Museum in Britain.

Can you belive that today marks the ninth anniversary RiverSystem and my marriage. We’ve had a few ups and downs mostly downs but we’ve got through it. I don’t think we’ve got it completely right but we’ll get there… eventually! A few months ago, I was thinking we needed a break. I thought it would… Continue reading Weekend Away Part One – American Museum in Britain.

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National Museum Cardiff – CAVETSY On Tour

One of the things I’ve wanted to do this year is to make more memories and go new places to get inspiration for future projects and designs. So when Sarah-Jane Eagan from Fragment Designs who is the captain of the┬áCAVETSY team said she was organising a trip to the National Museum in Cardiff to see… Continue reading National Museum Cardiff – CAVETSY On Tour

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The Future Is Now….

This year has been fraught and stressful. I haven’t taken a lot of time out for me. I feel like I’ve spent most of my time looking after others. I’ve definitely spent most of the last six months making for others. And I haven’t finished yet! Now that’s not to say I don’t enjoy making… Continue reading The Future Is Now….