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Podcast Episode 11 – Working & Playing Hard

The last month or so has been quite busy. We’ve been organising our living room and I’ve been organising my yarn stash. I’m cataloguing it all so I know what I have so I can plan my projects better.

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Project Violin – A New Bow & Wall Hanger

For ages now, I’ve been wanting to get a wall hanger for Melody. She’s so pretty that I felt guilty leaving her in her case. So I hunted around on Amazon and found this one. I thought it looked cool and there were good reviews. The Ammoon Violin and Bow Holder is specifically designed for violins and is the perfect size for your violin.

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The Secret Sisters In Concert

If you’ve never been to The Tunnels before, I would recommend it as a really cool place to go! It’s difficult to find the first time, but once you know where it is then you won’t forget again! Basically it’s two former train storage tunnels underneath Temple Meads Train Station. Think Thomas the Tank’s storage shed and you’ll kind of get the idea! Or maybe that episode where Gordon decided he didn’t want to go out in the rain and got bricked up in the tunnel! Anyway, it’s really cosy and intimate and you feel like you can get up close with the performers! We were sat in the front row though…

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Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much of late. There is a reason for that. Things have gone crazy in the last few months. I had a bad fall back in September that has resulted in a bad flare of my fibromyalgia symptoms. As a result, we need to find… Continue reading Frazzled…

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Self Care Craft Along – #SelfCareCAL

Self Care is NOT selfish! It’s not making excuses to get out of necessities. It’s not hiding from responsibilities. It’s taking responsibility for your own well being and making sure you have the reserves you need to get through the priorities in life. It’s taking an hour out of your day to make sure you can get through the rest of the week.