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Pretty Period Sanitary Towels – One Year On

Can you believe it’s been a year since I started using cloth sanitary protection? In case you don’t remember my original review of Pretty Period Cloth Sanitary Protection, you can find it here. I thought I would share with you an update of how it’s going.

I have to say that the pads themselves have lasted really well. If you consider that they get thrown in a boil was with stain remover and Dettol’s Antibacterial Washing Liquid as well as my usual detergents, the colours have lasted extremely well! I have found that the microfibre fleece on the back has bobbled a bit as time has gone on but it has had not effect on the efficiency of the pads. In fact I’ve never had a single problem with leakage! Although, I have lost 2 stone since I’ve started using the pads so I really need to buy myself some smaller underwear!!

I’ve found that they’ve helped my health immensely! I have far less relapses of my skin problem! My periods have gone from over a week to 4 days! Finally, I have far fewer cramps than before! I just wish that I could find a cure for PMT! I think I’ll have to wait for the menopause for that!

I’ve been using the pads for about of year now, and they cost me £67.50 in total. I checked recently and the premium brand pads that I used to use cost £1.90 for the daily pads and £2.90 for the night time pads. That’s 67.6p/14.5p per pad. I used to use about a pack of dailies and 5 nightlies a month which works out at £2.63 a month. Which means it’ll take just over 2 years for the pads to pay themselves back but already, the benefits are well worth it!

What I also like about Julie’s design is that if you look at her shop today, the basic design for her pad is the same. A lot of companies constantly tweak and change their designs even after they’ve found the best ones. Julie isn’t like that. She’s found the best design and has stuck with it. Yes, she’s brought out a new design for thongs but it’s still the same as the other design so it works just as well.

Another of Julie’s new products are her new reusable makeup removal wipes. They have material on one side and flannel on the other to help you clean off your makeup after that perfect night out! Then, simply wash them as normal when you’re done! The wipes are made with the commitment to good workmanship and quality materials that are Julie’s usual watchwords.

Like I said, I’ve really found that they’ve helped and they have lasted really well. I envisage them lasting for a good few years longer!


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