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It’s Finished!

Ahoy There!

Ahoy There!

After a while because of everything, the jumper got put in a corner and forgotten about. Moving house and having a major life upheaval certainly didn’t help! It also got packed away while we were looking for a new house!

The pattern was from a vintage book called Fisherman Knitting by Michael Harvey and Rae Compton. It was a really nice pattern and as soon as RiverSystem saw it, he knew he wanted a jumper like that. I was fully intending to follow the pattern to the letter but apart from the fact it was taking forever, the tiny needles were really hurting my hands so I decided to rework theĀ  tension with larger needles and adjust the pattern.

Close Up

Close Up

The pattern called for 2.75mm needles but I went up to 3.25 mm. Mostly because my 3.75mm were being used for something else! I made a tension square using the bigger needles and worked out that my stitch count for the size RiverSystem wanted. I was able to knit the stitches for the smallest size with the length of the largest size which was quite a task. The yarn chicken didn’t do my anxiety any good and I ended up rushing out and buying another ball ‘just in case’ but in the end, I only ended up using 610g of Stylecraft Special DK in Empire (1829) so I have almost 2 balls left which will go well with the 3 & 1/2 balls of Sherbet (1034) in my stash for something!

I found the project in August and decided that I would try and finish it in time for the winter. I felt that he had been patient enough and that I really wanted to finish it for him. He’s been extremely patient and hasn’t asked when it will be finished till this week when it’s been really cold!

He’s really pleased with it and hasn’t taken it off all day! In fact, I’ve told him he has to wear it every day for 6 months! By which time it’ll probably walk itself to the washing machine!!


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