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The End Of An Era – The Removal Of The Severn Bridge Tolls

I’ve been going back and fore to England via the Severn Bridge since I can remember. We’ve gone back and fore across the bridge more times than I’d care to count! Every time, we used to smile and wave and chat to the people in the booth and commiserate about the weather being too hot or too cold.

When we were on our way to a home from somewhere, passing the toll was the sign that we were on our way home. It was the sign that we were nearly there! (In comparison to a long journey that is!) It was with frustration that we watched price of the toll rise and rise. Fortunately recently it has fallen in preparation for the removal of the tolls on the 17th December 2018.

Now while the Rebecca Rioter part of my of my DNA is glad to see the end of the tolls for obvious reasons, part of me will be sad to see them go. Part of me is sad because I’ll miss speaking to the nice people in the booths while they processed my blue badge.

Mostly though, I’m sad to see them go because of all the people who will lose their jobs when they remove the tolls. They’re losing their jobs in an economic climate that makes it difficult for people to find new ones. At a time of year when no one is taking on permanent employees. I am sad to think of the employees who will lose their jobs. Even if it means that we’re all saving money!

So let me be the first to thank all the staff that have worked and those who will lose their jobs on the 17th December for all of their help getting us through the tolls quickly and efficiently when there are massive queues. Thank you for being happy and for your service over the years. You will be missed. Just a little bit…


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