Depression · Mental Health · music · Musician · Poetry

Hello My Friend…

Hello my friend it’s been ages
Since I last looked upon your beautiful face.

Last time, was when the sun last rose,
It bountiful miracles to perform.

When I last laughed and sniggered
At that joke you told
As you effortlessly brushed my hair from my eyes.

Did I ever tell you ‘I love you’?
What about how much I missed you?

But why mention it now?
The cold dark stranger is gone
And you have returned to make my face shine once more.

If I knew you were coming, I’d have cleaned up,
and prepared the spare room for you…

Your fresh breeze invigorates me.
I feel like a new woman.
Who needs depression and anxiety?

I breathe deeply and feel your warmth on my skin.
Your fingers trail across my arm lazily in the afternoon lull.

I pick up my pen
and try and make your presence last forever
by recording every moment, every feeling.
Every fevered, excited breath…

They call it mindfulness…
I call it a more relaxed life.

Goodbye stranger.
I forgive you.


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