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Public Service Announcement

So yesterday I had a bit of an accident. I can’t tell you exactly what happened for legal reasons but I just want to say that I wasn’t seriously injured!

However, I have sprained the whole of the right hand side of my body and jarred my neck and my back. Added to which, the accident has flared my fibromyalgia and cluster headaches. My arm and wrist were the worst injured which means I’m not allowed to knit or crochet for a few days. That’s the worst thing about it. Crafting helps with my anxiety and depression and makes me feel useful but I know that if I force myself to craft to quickly, I’ll end up worse off and possibly needing more physiotherapy than I know I need now!

I planned on closing my Etsy shop on Sunday night so I could rest before the mad rush that the January 31st Deadline brings! After my chat with the doctor this morning and discussing how much pain I’m in with RiverSystem and also the fact that I’m still shaking from the shock, I’ve decided to close my shop a few days early so that I can rest and not worry about letting customers down while I recuperate.

I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. If you need to buy anything from me urgently, feel free to contact me and we can talk about a timeline. Or I can outsource the work while I recover.

I’ll still be getting hosting the Self Care CAL but a lot of what I’ll be doing over the next few days will be spoiling myself! RiverSystem has already bought me a bag of Wine Gums! Keep sharing what you’re up to because I’ll be compiling a post on Sunday with my favourite photos from your Self Care choices this week!

Thank you for reading. I hope to have good news for you soon!


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