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Project Violin – New Tailpiece and Tailgut

So you’ll remember last week that we had a disaster of epic proportions! Basically, my tail gut snapped. I decided to buy a new tailpiece when I got my tail gut.

Pretty Violin…

I spotted this one on Instagram which I loved and found it here for just £13.40. I bought the tailpiece and this tail gut (which is not actually made of gut!) on Tuesday night and paid about £22 (about $28US) including P&P. It came this morning and I was so excited! In fact, I got lots of happy mail today, including my prize from Rachel’s giveaway.

Happy Mail!


I couldn’t wait to get it fitted to Ruby the violin! It looks so pretty on her! I’m so pleased with how it looks! it was really easy to do too. I wouldn’t have needed to look at the YouTube video but I’m glad I did. I do still need to melt the ends of the tail gut though.


I also treated myself to some new strings from A Strings in Pontypridd. I normally get the Hidersine strings that are half the price but I found that they sounded really screechy on this violin. I was looking for some D’addario strings but they were really expensive and they had to be ordered in. The Pirastro Tonica strings were in stock at £26.99 which is slightly more than I pay normally but I thought it would be worth it if they sounded better and lasted longer than the cheaper ones. My violin teacher also said they were really good as did the Amazon reviews I read. I had a play this afternoon and I was really impressed!


I recorded myself playing this afternoon. It’s a song that we sing at our meetings. I’m really impressed with the strings. They sound amazing! Once they’ve settled and I’m really happy with them, I’ll get RiverSystem to film me playing it. I’m so happy playing now. And someone told me I’d improved and Rachel (above) said that she could hear my feelings in the piece which makes me so happy! What do you think? I know Ruby is happy with her new strings and tailpiece!

All better now!

Oh and now my hand is healed, it doesn’t hurt anymore! And one more photo of how beautiful Ruby looks with her new tailpiece!


Pretty Flower



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