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A Disaster of Epic Proportions!*

*Not really but I like to be dramatic…

So today I went to practice my pieces for the Grade 2 exam and I couldn’t get my violin to hold its tuning. I thought it was that the bridge that was falling over but it wasn’t.

As I adjusted the bridge, I realised the tailpiece was out of place. When I went to readjust it, it came away in my hand…

Broken Gut Cord

The gut cord (above) had snapped!

At first I was really annoyed! Then I noticed that they’re actually really cheap to replace…

As I was searching for gut cords on eBay, lots of new tailpieces came up. Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been wanting to replace the tailpiece which is scratched and worn. And I want this pretty one! I first saw it on the violin of a teacher from the US that I follow on Instagram. (She’s also just rehaired her bow with rainbow hair which I’m jealous of!)

So I’m going to save up and buy the new tailpiece and gut cord and fix it myself. It’s a good thing I have a spare violin!

So how can you help? Well, if you could see your way clear to buy things from my Etsy or Conscious Crafties shops, I’d really appreciate it! To sweeten the deal, if you spend £5 in my store and use the code ProjectViolin you’ll get a 25% discount on your order! If you use it on my latest shawl design, that’s a £4.50 discount in my Etsy shop and £5 in my Conscious Crafties store!

Please be generous and help me!

Thank you so much!

Michelle XOXOX


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