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Podcast Episode 7 – Unboxing My Rosie’s Moments Box

First of all, I just want to express my sympathy for the families, friends and also the victims of last night’s bomb attack. My heart goes out to all the children that will now be traumatised for life because of this evil act. I just have no words for this.

General Health


 My health has been quite bad over the last few weeks. RiverSystem had to call an ambulance for me last month because I was quite dangerously ill. All they’ve done is send me for counselling and mindfulness. As you can understand, the mental health has had a significant effect on the fibromyalgia! I’ve had a lot of pain but I’m managing on my killers. It’s just the exhaustion that’s been the worst. There’s nothing they can do for that though so it’s something I’m going to have to live with!

It didn’t help that I sliced open the webbing between my ring finger and little finger 2 weeks ago. The stitches were removed yesterday so I’m hoping that I’ll be back on top form soon! They did tell me yesterday to avoid playing my violin for a few days.

Finished Objects

Little Owl Mitts

I didn’t finish a lot in the last month. Mostly because I’ve been busy making RiverSystem’s Gansey which is taking forever!

I did finish my Little Owl Mitts (Left) which I was really pleased about. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry. I wore them to Wonderwool Wales and showed them to the lady behind Ripping Yarns and she was really pleased to see them! I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I was going to block them but they don’t really need to be. Which is probably a good thing is because I have no idea how I would do it… I’m going to pair the rest of it with my mystery yarn that I got from Ewe and Ply at Wonderwool Wales…

Mystery Wonderwool Yarn

I also did a pattern test for Mrs Daft Spaniel of her Off Up the Park Cardi. I used Stlyecraft Special DK but Marta recommended King Cole merino blend DK which is a lot nicer. You’d need about 250g for the 6-12 months long sleeved cardi.

Introducing the Lady of Shalott!

I mentioned my Nameless Shawl (right) in my last podcast. I finished the shawl last month. I was going to call it the Chocolate Rivers Shawl but I decided that I didn’t like it so after I finished it I had a giveaway on the blog to find a name for it. Quil from Love and Lovelier came up with the name The Lady of Shalott which I loved! Mostly because I love Tennyson’s poetry but also because it give me inspiration for my next few designs.


I’ll be contacting lots of other yarn dyers soon to see if they would like to give me some yarn support for my future designs. I’ll let you know how it goes! If you are an indie dyer and would like to help let me know. I’m thinking about writing an ebook called Tennyson’s Ladies or something similar. I want to showcase lots of different indie dyers in the book.

Quil chose the Milky Way colourway from For the Love of Yarn’s shop. I met her yesterday for coffee because she’s local and it’s gorgeous! I love it so much! I’m definitely going to invest in some of it for me.

I’ve listed this shawl as a made to order item in my Etsy shop for £44.99 plus postage. The pattern is available both in my Etsy shop and on my Ravelry page.

Works In Progress (WIPs)

RiverSystem’s Gansey

I seem to have had a case of castonitis over the last few months and I have lots and lots of WIPs at the moment!


I’m still plugging away at RiverSystem’s Traditional Gansey. I’m halfway through the stocking stitch which is great for watching TV in the evening but it’s so boring! Although, the pattern calls for 2 purl stitches at each side as a false seam which I’ve never come across before. I think if I made the jumper again (which is highly unlikely), I don’t think I’d do that…

I’m also plodding along with RiverSystem’s Socks. I’m hoping I’ll get one finished soon so I can show you all. But they’ve been banished to the WIP Pile while I do other things!

Georgiana Shawlette

When I finished my Lady of Shalott Shawl, I decided to start the Georgiana Shawlette pattern from the Jane Austen Knits book that my brother in law bought me in March. I’m using some Lady Persephone sock yarn from Countess Ablaze in Mutually Assured Destruction which is amazing to work with! It’s so soft and lovely. I would recommend it and I’ll definitely be buying more! I think though that I’ve made some mistakes with the pattern so I think I’ll be frogging and starting again!


IMG_20170319_143435_432Because I was feeling so low a few weeks ago, I decided to turn my phone off for a few days and I cast on another project for me. I decided to cast on the Rhian socks from Verity Castledine’s book, The Sock Drawer. I’m using her Truly Hooked Standard Sock in Highlighters (Left) which is really bright and soft and smooth and I love it! I’m definitely going to buy more of her yarn! As a side note, I’d like to congratulate Verity on the birth of her new baby!

I’m still plodding along with my Selfless Saturday projects but they’ve been on the back burner while I’ve been doing a lot of other things recently. I’ve had a bit of accounts work to do and I decided to be disciplined and use the fact that my laptop was on to do both RiverSystem’s and my tax returns. They’re done and filed now though!

IMG_20170523_101445_019I also started to make a Mystical Lanterns blanket for RiverSystem. He’s been complaining that he needs a blanket for himself because the cats have nicked his so I decided to start it and do one motif a day. A friend has asked for one too but I said that she’ll have to wait a while because I’ve got so much on at the moment!

What I’m Loving At the Moment

I didn’t really see a lot of patterns on Ravelry in April because of everything but I saw a lovely pattern by Amy Gunderson for the Silver Blossom Tee which is made using FibraNutra Radient Cotton. I’m thinking about making it for me for the summer. I’d probably use some Drops Cotton Light which is just 95p a ball on Wool Warehouse.

I saw a lovely shawl called Gypsy Caravan Shawl but I did think the price of the pattern was a lot for what it was.

Rosie’s Moments Box

I had a bit of a treat yesterday because I got a surprise box from Rosie’s Moments on Etsy. The box I got was the £20 one and it was packed full! I had lots of lovely things! I told you all about them on the podcast which was fun! Although I forgot to mention the green folding ruler that is now attached to my keys! She must have looked at my Instagram bio because the yarn is called ‘Unfinished Symphony’! She didn’t put any food in there which is good because I’m very open about my chocolate allergy! I’d recommend the box if you’re looking for a gift for a crafter! Every box is unique and customised to the recipient!



I’ve opened a shop on the Conscious Crafties website this month which I’m really excited about! The website is specifically for those who can’t work because they’ve got a chronic illness or they’re carers of people with illnesses. Please support this website because it’s surprising how useless you feel when you have a chronic illness and crafting is a way to find your place in society. Why not head over there and give someone a lift today!

See you next month!

Michelle xoxox


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