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Feeling Stupid…

So this morning I decided to help RiverSystem by doing the dishes. He does them normally but as I now have a perching stool, I can do it. I thought I’d do it today so he could just cook dinner when he came back from cutting my hair.

I was washing some glasses and I put my hand in one glass to clean the milkshake out of it. As I was wiping around the glass, I caught my finger on a chip in the glass’s rim that I’m sure wasn’t there when I put it in the bowl! I let out a yelp and pulled my hand out of the water and realised it was bleeding heavily! RiverSystem got me some kitchen roll and I held it tight against the cut for a minute or so. When I took the kitchen roll away, we realised it was a deep cut and it was bleeding a lot. So I jammed the kitchen roll back into place and we jumped in the car and drove down to the minor injuries unit in Ysbyty Cwm Cynon.

We booked in at about 11:30 and I was called in quickly. They checked the cut and put a pad on it and tightly wound it with a bandage to stop the bleeding and sent me for an x-ray to make sure there was no glass left in the wound. There wasn’t.

When I went back, they decided that I needed stitches to close the wound up and because I’m allergic to steristrips, they had to give me proper stitches. So they numbed it and I sat on the bed while they injected me with local anaesthetic and stitched it together. I had four stitches! Then they bandaged it up and sent me home! All in the space of an hour!

I was fine till I got home, then I crashed! I felt really shaky and dizzy so I went to bed for an hour. I slept and felt a lot better when I got up. The only problem is that the anaesthetic has worn off now and it’s really hurting!

On the plus side, I get out of housework for 10 days because I have to keep it dry till they take the stitches out! I’ll let you know how the crafting goes!


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