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Getting Used To a New Idea…

So last moth I was told I had PCOS. I was also know that I need an operation to remove a cyst that’s as big as my left ovary and is damaging my appendix. This will be done via keyhole surgery. However, I know that being obese is going to make the risks higher. The problem is that all the research shows that 50% of women with PCOS are obese.

The problem is that most women with this condition struggle to lose weight without a radical rethink of their diet even with lots and lots of exercise. Yes! I knew it! EXERCISE IS BAD FOR YOU! (I’m being facetious. Exercise is beneficial for some people!)

All the research I’ve read have said the same thing… One of the problems that PCOS suffers are also frequently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes because of insulin resistance… This is one of the things that makes losing weight difficult. So I need to rethink everything! I don’t want to go vegan like a family member has. Mostly because I am physically incapable of resisting the smell of Greggs bacon and sausage breakfast rolls! So I’ve done some research and I’ve narrowed the research to a few salient points…

  • Avoid processed sugar. Fresh and frozen fruit and veg is fine but sweetened fruit juice is a bad idea… Also avoid cakes, sweets (no!), fizzy sugary drinks,
  • Starchy veg like potatoes, corn and peas are a really bad idea! Which means no crisps either. (No I’m not eating a packet as I write this! Honest!) Popcorn is ok though! Sweet potatoes are ok though as they’re technically not a potato…
  • Instead of eating white greens like white bread, rice and pasta, transfer to whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice.
  •  Avoid processed and red meats and replace it with chicken and fish. Which I think means no more bacon as that’s technically processed. Bummer! Maybe I should just go vegan!
  • Proteins in beans etc. are ok and so are fats like olive oil and other plant based fats are ok though…

Foods that are high in fibre and have carbs are perfect but things that have empty calories are a really bad idea! Which means no alcohol for the time being! Not that I’m complaining because alcohol makes me ill anyway!

Also, I’ve found that expert advice is vital to help with weight loss. So this week, I’ll be heading to the GP to ask to be referred to a dietician that can help me to make headway with the new diet plan.

What’s your weight loss plan? Do you have PCOS? Have you managed to lose weight with it?


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