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Giveaway! The Nameless Shawl!

This giveaway is now closed! I announced the winner here.

Over the last six weeks, my Self Care Sunday project has been my Nameless Shawl that I designed myself. You can see my Ravelry project page here. I originally called it Chocolate Rivers but I decided afterwards that I didn’t like it so I temporarily named it ‘The Nameless Shawl’.

Nameless Shawl

I love my shawl and it’s really cosy but I think I’ll have to wait a few months before I can wear it properly! Lots of people have complimented me on it when I’ve worn it or taken photos of it.

When I shared photos in the Fibre Muse Sanctuary a gentleman in the group got really excited and asked if he could test knit it for me! I’ve never known anyone to get excited about something I’ve made! I love it when people love something I design enough to want to make it. And I’ve already been told by lots of people to let me know when it’s available for purchase.

Saying that, I’m extremely grateful to Max Zand, Cath Thorley and Kathy Eakins Edwards for testing my pattern for this shawl. They’re doing a really good job and I love Kathy’s Instagram photo of her creation from my pattern! It reminds me of a melon so far!

Wearing it at Wonderwool Wales Saturday…

Anyway, I’m sure the more technical among you would love to know more about the details!

I was inspired by the yarn I used which was hand dyed by a lady on Etsy but I can’t remember who because I’ve lost the ball band! I couldn’t find a pattern for the yarn that I liked, so I designed my own! I wanted something that would make a feature of the self striping nature of the yarn while not being too busy.

The shawl is a crescent shape with 4 increases on the right side rows and 2 on wrong side rows. Without wanting to give too much away, I’ve moved the increases to the edge of the shawl to allow more room for the central pattern to be uninterrupted.

The pattern is a simple 16 row repeat with 8 rows of a wavy pattern and 8 rows of stocking stitch. Though Max has suggested using garter stitch for the last 8 rows to stop it from curling.

I used 3.75mm 80cm long circular needles so the shawl has a lovely drape.

I’ve used the Frilled Standard Bind Off which is simple but effective and not actually frilled in any way! The lady that wrote the post I read about it, said a lot of interesting things about lace knitting and casting off and blocking. It’s the only blog I’ve ever read that has actually given specific information about how to block lace! I think the cast off edge looks really neat which is a first for me!

Frilled Standard Bind Off


I know what you’re all thinking though! What’s this about a giveaway? Well, here goes!

Giveaway Details

This giveaway is for knitters only I’m afraid. Unless you have a friend who’ll make up the prize for you that is!

Prize – You will win a free copy of my pattern before it is published, a credit on the pattern and a £15 voucher from For The Love Of Yarn to purchase a skein of 4ply in your choice of colour. This is my current favourite!

So what do I have to do?

Either tweet or share on Instagram a photo of your inspiration for your choice of name for the shawl and tell me what the name you’ve chosen is and why you think I should use it!! Just tag me (@gifted_goodies) and use the tag #namelessshawl.

If you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, leave a comment below telling me what you think I should call it and why.

If someone else shares a name that you really like, feel free to add your vote to that chosen name! There are no prizes for originality!

The suggestions I have been given already include ‘Best Friend Shawl’ and ‘Sweet Wrapper’. Fibro Jedi on Twitter came up with Sweet Wrapper!

Giveaway ends 6pm BST on Saturday, 6th May, 2017 when I will choose my favourite name.

I’ll announce the winner on the blog but I’ll share it on Twitter and Instagram tagging the winner at 8pm BST.


  1. As this is a subjective competition, please don’t take offence if I do not choose your name.
  2. Please be polite and don’t use obscene words in your name choice.
  3. If more than one of you choose my favourite name, I will use a random number generator to decide who will win the voucher and pattern and I’ll use a random number generator to choose 3 winners from that list to win a free copy of the pattern but all of you will be listed on the pattern as winners.
  4. If less than 4 people decide on the same winning name, after choosing the winner of the voucher and pattern etc., I’ll make a list of all of the people that entered and use the same random generator to choose the winner for each of the spare patterns. I.e. If only 2 people choose the winning name, then one will win the main prize and one the pattern so two other people will be chosen by random number generator to win the spare patterns.
  5. This giveaway is for the pattern and a voucher for the yarn only. I’m not making a shawl for the winner. If you want me to make you one, please feel free to message me and ask for the price.
  6. If you’re not a knitter and you would like to enter, make sure you have a friend that will be prepared to make it for you before you enter!
  7. If I can’t decide, RiverSystem will choose from my two favourite names.
  8. If I contact you to tell you that you’ve won, I will wait 24 hours before I choose another winner for the main prize or pattern using a random number generator.

I hope you all come up with something effective and descriptive! But to inspire you, here is a photo of it being modelled by my ever so dashing husband!

RiverSystem channelling his inner model…

Just for kicks here’s another photo from my photo shoot Sunday in the mother in law’s garden!

Crescent moons…

And here’s a collage of some of my favourite photos…


What colour would you make it in?


16 thoughts on “Giveaway! The Nameless Shawl!

  1. LOVE your shawl design! Wow! You’ve used the patterning of the yarn superbly. I don’t have Twitter or Instagram, but thankful you have given the option of commenting here.
    As you created this on your “Self Care Sunday” why not call it “Rivulets of Love”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. May I suggest the name Embrace for your shawl embraces all that is beautiful in design, pattern and yarn as well as the wearer.
    PS apologies if I’ve entered twice for silly me made a comment on your contacts page.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. May Day Shawl
    You wore (almost) on May Day,
    It’s summery colours
    And hopefully you are recovering and won’t need to make a “mayday” call
    It’s lovely too – like the month of May and like a beautiful May day

    Liked by 1 person

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