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Podcast Episode 6 – Hospital Appointments, WIPs & Accomplishments…

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Podcast!

I want to apologise for not recording a podcast last month. I had too many appointments and I was really worried about the tests I was having. I talk about it more on my Welsh language blog Bywyd Glan Yr Afon… Basically, I have to have an operation to remove the left ovary which has a large cyst on it and possibly my appendix which the cyst has damaged…





I’ve been talking to some people about #SelfCareSunday and a few people are using the weekend to do things for themselves. Diane Clarke from Peggy May Yarns is making a memory blanket with mini skeins and yarn scraps of both her own hand dyed yarn and some yarn from The Wool Barn

Photo Courtesy Fatema Mamdani


Also Fatema from Knit Knacker Crafts is crocheting a Corner To Corner (C2C) blanket for her son using Fine Fish Yarns Fingering Gradient which is just beautiful!



For myself, I have completed two Self Care Sunday projects. My Wheatfields Shawl by Francoise Danoy. Also, my sister in law Anthea, from Knit Home, released her Midwinter Shawl which she made with alpaca. She kindly gifted me the pattern and a friend gave me the 100cm long 5mm circular needles I needed for the project. I had some Stylecraft Special DK in 1029 Copper and Sirdar Click Chunky with Wool in Verve which looked perfect together! So I made myself the shawl using those…

Chocolate Rivers Shawl


My current Sunday project is the Chocolate Rivers Shawl which I’m designing myself because I couldn’t find a pattern worthy of the yarn. The name is tentative at the moment, but I think I’m going to have a naming competition when it’s finished and give the pattern and a skein of hand dyed 4ply yarn to the winner.

Edit – I have decided that I really don’t like the name Chocolate Rivers so I’ve renamed it The Nameless Shawl for now.


Footsteps Across My Heart


I have two Saturday projects on the go at the moment. My Mittens Blanket and my Footsteps Across My Heart Comfort Blankey… The second blanket will be sold in aid of Bliss which is a charity that looks after parents who’s babies are sick or still born. It’s something that’s close to my heart so I felt I wanted to do something to help. When they’re finished, I’ll be auctioning them off on my Instagram page so make sure you’re following me to see the latest info!

Finished Objects

In the last few months, I’ve finished a lot…

Caleb’s Hat


Shell Stitch Mitts – I’ve finally got round to writing the pattern and I’ve released it on Ravelry.

I made a Jumper for a friend who’s daughter had a baby last week. I made it in age 3-6 months because no one buys new babies new born and 0-3 months clothes. The pattern was in Knit Now Issue 67.

I test knit the Infinite Rainbows Cowl by Becky Bourneman. It was a really easy pattern to remember and I really enjoyed it. Green isn’t really my colour though so I think I’ll end up gifting it to someone.

I finally finished Sadie’s Socks! She loves them! I love them too but if I made them for me, I think I’d do the decreases quicker and make the shorter and I’d probably do a traditional hem because I don’t like folding my socks over…

I sold  one of my Net Market Bags this month and I used the occasion to finally

Nan’s Socks

get round to writing the pattern down and making it available! I used Stylecraft Special DK but I’m planning on making one in “plarn” and I’ll be putting up a tutorial on the blog on how to do it.


My Nan saw me making Sadie’s Socks so she asked me to make her a pair of socks for the winter. I got some Drops Fabel in Pink because that’s one of her favourite colours. I decided that as I’d just cracked cables, I would make a pair of Cabled socks. At the beginning of the year, Christine Perry from Winwick Mum released her Easy Cable Socks. I decided they were perfect! Christine’s pattern is really easy to follow and easy to remember. It’s a continuation of her Basic Sock Pattern that she published back in May 2014. I thought it was last year to be honest but I just checked and it was in 2014….

I made an adult sized Caleb’s Hat last month too. A customer bought it from my Etsy shop and she loved it. It’s a gift for a friend who’s getting baptised this week.

Little Owl Mitts

Works In Progress (WIPs)


Technically my Little Owl Mitts are a WIP because I didn’t finish them till last night but they’re really lovely and I wanted to show them to you! I used Ripping Yarns which is a local Indie dyer based in the Forest of Dean.

I’m also working on a traditional fisherman’s jumper for Riversystem. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK in 1829 Empire and I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for…

When we were at the yarn stall in the local market in Aberdare last week, RiverSystem asked me to design him a pair of socks. He wanted something fairly plain socks but agreed that I could put a little bit of a pattern in it not to make it boring for me… He chose some Sirdar Cotton 4ply in colour 506 Larkin and RiverSystem’s Socks were born! I’ll be looking for a test knitter soon!

Plans & Accomplishments

I’m planning a few pairs of socks for friends and a sheepy present for a friend that is a shepherd. I want to pick up my Coastal Waves Scarf which is a design I’m planning…

Like I said earlier, I managed to crack cables with the help of Amanda Leah from the Knit Venture Society. I found Amanda’s videos really easy to follow and really helpful.

Also as an aside, Francoise from Aroha Knits is running her Initiate Knit Design Challenge this week. It’s not too late to jump in! I’m not doing it at the moment but it’s a really useful challenge if you want to design patterns.

IMG_20170325_154130_425New Inspiration!

My brother in law bought me the Best of Jane Austen Knits book and it is gorgeous shawl called the Georgiana Shawl that will look perfect in the solitary skein of Countess Ablaze in Mutually Assured Destruction that I have in my stash…

I also got my hands on the Truly Hooked book The Sock Drawer last month and a skein of her sock yarn. I’m hoping to review both in the next month or so. And they’ll be going in my hospital bag with some circular needles so I can make something while I’m in! Looking through the book and taking a cursory glance, it’s beautiful and really well laid out. But like I said, there’ll be a proper review soon!

The Sock Drawer



I hope you enjoyed listening to my podcast and I’m really grateful to each and every one of you that takes the time to listen and tell me what you think. I’d love to know what you think of my shawl design and possible names for it!

Thanks for listening and I will talk to you all again soon!


Michelle XOXOX


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