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Looking For The Silver Lining – February 2017

Last month wasn’t a very good month healthwise… My Cluster Headaches returned after a seven year hiatus! I’m now on propranolol which is taking the edge off the pain but not doing away with it completely! 

I also had some test results that were kind of expected but also wasn’t… This means I have to have a C125 blood test on Wednesday and some treatment on Thursday. My Nan has kindly offered to come with me Thursday to sit with me while I’m having it because they won’t let RiverSystem in the room with me. I’m hoping the blood tests come back negative but part of me is scared it won’t. And if it is positive,  I’m hoping it can be treated easily and quickly. On the plus side, I know I’m definitely not pregnant!

The fibromyalgia has also been driving me mad. I haven’t had a violin lesson for over 3 weeks because of how ill I’ve felt.

Last week, I managed to go to River Cottage with Erica for a cookery course which was good fun. I was really impressed by the staff and how helpful they were and prepared to make for disabled people. We made bread and chocolate cake and learned to fillet and cook fish and how to cook lamb. I’m hoping to write a blog post about it in the week so watch this space!

Gurnard Fish

The fish was Gurnard and was beautiful! There’s a lot to be said for fresh fish…

RiverSystem and I have been looking out for things to do together which has been nice. We’re both working on a song that we intend to record as a duet soon. Once I get a bit more confident about my singing voice that is!

We also went to the National Museum Cardiff with some of my fellow CAVETSY team members. We intend to go back soon to look at the Chinese paintings exhibition soon. CAVETSY are planning a trip to Cardiff Castle in a few weeks but I’m not sure if my health will let me go.

So that’s my Silver Lining for last month. What was yours?


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