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Podcast Episode 5 – Life, the Universe & Everything…

Hello and thank you for listening to my latest episode. I apologise that the sound quality isn’t as good as I’d like. I was trying out my iRig mic and haven’t had a spare hour to rerecord it. I think the mic will be good for interviews where I’m out and about but not for whole episodes so it’s back to the drawing board. Although RiverSystem is perfectly happy for me to use his recording studio to record my podcasts. Maybe I’ll just invest in a really comfy desk chair!

Ok. Down to business!

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube podcasts this month because I’m fed up of all the repeats on the BBC during the day when I’m working! I’m really enjoying Owl About Yarn and the Pins and Needles podcasts. But I really enjoyed this video from Ann Tudor about fusing glass and making a heart with this method:

WIP Bag, Finished Objects & Inspiration

Last month’s Finished Objects etc.

When I looked back at last month, I thought I hadn’t done much but I did actually finish some things.

Caleb’s Hat

I mentioned last time that I designed Caleb’s Hat and sent them to a friend. I listed them in my Etsy store store and within 24 hours, I sold 4 to a lady on France! I was really pleased yesterday when she sent me a message telling me they’d arrived and made her smile! She’s wrapped them up for her nieces and nephews and will let me know what they think. The pattern is available in my Ravelry store and I’m grateful to MrsDaftSpaniel for giving me a tech edit for it.

I finally finished Sadie’s Serana Cowl! I’m actually really pleased with the results. It’s my entry for the Newfangled Makealong that Pins and Needles are running. It’s my first time making a picot hem and knitting through the cast on edge to make the hem.


I also had a message from an Instagram follower saying that she really liked my Autumnal Dog Walk Cowl but needed to get yarn that would match her hat and gloves. She chose Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Chunky in Duck Egg (723) and sent it to me with my fee. It looks really nice so I’ve added a listing to my Etsy store with this as yarn as an option for vegans and those who are allergic to wool.

I also made some of my Shell Stitch Mitts for a customer in Canada. I also finally got round to writing and publishing my pattern! I made two pairs for her, one in soft peach and the other in mocha. I used Stylecraft Special and I’ve also listed it as a made to order item in my Etsy store.

I’m plodding along with my Button Quilt. I treated myself to Owl About Yarn’s Dark Side of the Rainbow miniskein set for the blanket. The set is 7 10gm skeins in variegated rainbow and back colours. It’s base is the Cuddly Owl which is superwash wool and so soft! I love them! And if you have small feet like I do then 70g is more than enough to make a pair of socks with. Though I’d probably do contrasting toes, cuffs and heels.

I’m making headway with Sadie’s Knee Socks! It feels like a marathon and I wasn’t really enjoying the two at a time method so I chickened out. I’m almost down to the ankle of the first sock so I’m getting somewhere with it!

I’m also making headway with my Mittens Blanket and Wheatfields Shawl which are my #selflesssaturday and #selfcaresunday projects. I’m hoping to finish my shawl this week so I can get going with my Midwinter Shawl which my sister in law. I’m really looking forward to making it! I’ve got some yarn from my stash and a kind friend bought me the 100cm 5mm circular needles so I can make it!

What I’ve Seen This Month on Ravelry!

I’ve started bundles for the months of this year so I can keep track of all the patterns I’ve seen this month in one place! This month I really loved:

  • The Ying Yang Kitty Socks by Geena Garcia.
  • The Pretty Basic Shawl by Janina Kallio which is free and perfect for all those hand dyed variegated skeins you’ve got!
  • Winwick Mum wrote a tutorial for Simple Cabled Socks which is really helpful.
  • I adored Icon Dress by Kali-Helene Rane! I’m thinking about making it in cotton for the summer. Though I’ll probably make it longer because it’s a bit short for me. I’m wondering how it would look in an ankle length version!
  • And what I really really really loved is the Moonlight Sonata scarf by Sasha Markow. I wonder if it is the actual notes for it… I’ll have to check that out and get back to you! I’m thinking about making it for my violin teacher.


I got my certificate and notes from my Grade 1 Violin exam. I’m really enjoying playing Ruby my Strad copy. I think we’re going to have a long and happy friendship.

I also forgot to mention that RiverSystem and I are currently writing and practicing a duet that we hope to sing together soon and put on SoundCloud! So watch this space!


Thanks for listening. I’m really touched by each and every one of you that takes the time to listen and comment on my podcasts. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!


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