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Looking For The Silver Lining – January 2017

Life has been really hectic this month and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. Mostly because I’ve had this flu which has knocked me for six! And then last week, I had the worst virtigo you can imagine! But I’ve got some things accomplished.

We’ve been redecorating this month and RiverSystem has yet to finish the living room but we’ll get there. At some point.

I went to a baby shower the week before last which was fun. Though I did feel a bit lost. The mother of the baby is 18 and looks really good and doesn’t look like she’s really pregnant even though her bump is 110cms around. (It was one of the games to guess how big her bump was!) I think it’s because she’s about 6ft tall! Her mum is younger than me and I’m starting to feel old that my generation are starting to be grandparents! Although admittedly her mum was only 14 when she had her so I suppose it’s doable. I’m currently making a jumper for the baby in Cygnet Boho Spirit in Foho. I’m making it in size 3-6 months though instead of newborn because I think that everyone buys newborn clothes for babies but no one thinks about bigger clothes. Babies cost money and it’s important I think to be practical about what you’re giving them.

I’ve started to work through some of my feelings this month which while it has been difficult, has been a big help.

Ooh! And I had my violin grade 1 certificate! I’ll get a picture soon!

What’s been your silver lining this month? Has it been a good month? I’d love to know!


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