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Looking For The Silver Lining – December 2016

wp-1482331460551.jpgThis month has been a month of ups and downs but we’ve managed to stay ahead of every. We’ve decided to push on no matter what. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care or it doesn’t bother us but we can’t be shackled by our past mistakes forever. Life is hard enough without holding ourselves back in some  twisted form of penance for old mistakes. We’ve done it long enough and we can’t carry on in limbo anymore just to keep people that we never see and have nothing in common with!

Anyway, there have been a few positives. We’ve been celebrating the little things this month.

I stayed with a friend this month and had a great time. I bought a stitch dictionary from Hobbycraft and then my friend gave me another one when I got to hers. I’m never going to need another pattern again! Another friend gave me this gorgeous teddy and some necklaces.

We’ve been working on the house this month and have been decluttering which has involved lots and lots and lots of trips to the tip!

We’ve been skint this month which has meant some real belt tightening. We don’t celebrate Christmas so we haven’t had to buy anything for family. Our cash flow problem has been as a result of an oil leak in the car. It’s all sorted now though!

********** STOP THE PRESSES **********

I told you last month that I had my Grade 1 violin exam on the 4th of December in Gamlin’s in Cardiff. I came out convinced that I’d failed. I felt really nervous about my results. Unbelievably, I passed! I got 114 marks which is 6 marks short of a merit but still considering I thought I’d failed, it’s a really good score! I’m so pleased!!! Now for Grade 2!

I’m really happy about the way things have gone this month. How have you been this month?


2 thoughts on “Looking For The Silver Lining – December 2016

  1. I have had an eventful month. I did go and visit with family for Christmas, but I had bad news to tell everyone. I have been diagnosed with cancer what news for the new year. It is still sinking in and no I don’t know what stage it is yet. I will be seeing an specialist to get more results and find out what stage I am in. Prayers please. Thank you for letting me share my news.


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