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The Future Is Now….

This year has been fraught and stressful. I haven’t taken a lot of time out for me. I feel like I’ve spent most of my time looking after others. I’ve definitely spent most of the last six months making for others. And I haven’t finished yet! Now that’s not to say I don’t enjoy making for others. It’s just when I’m making for others, I’m stressing that it’ll all go wrong and the person won’t like it in the end. That sets my anxiety off and there’s not much I can do about that.

Last month, I decided to spend an hour a day making something for me. That helped a bit and I made myself a scarf.img_20161211_180614.jpg

I still felt fraught however. I felt like I was doing a million and one things and I was drowning in all the jobs I had to do.

I’ve also left RiverSystem and my tax returns to the last minute again! Every year I plan to do it in April but I never do! I really must take my own advice of ‘Early in the day, early in the week, early in the month, early in the year’! Actually it was the advice I got from a fellow minister when I was a starting out as a full time minister almost 20 years ago! I WILL be organised from now on! I promise! This isn’t a new year’s resolution because I don’t believe in them. It’s simply a promise I’m making myself and I’m hoping that if I write it down somewhere I’ll stick to it!

At the end of the last posting day before the holidays, I closed my Etsy shop for two weeks for two main reasons. We don’t celebrate Christmas so I didn’t have any gift knitting to do!

  1. I wanted to have time to do my tax return and write out instructions on how to do some for a workshop I’m doing on 2nd January for an Etsy team I’m part of. (I’ve finished that today.)
  2. I wanted to sit down for five minutes and work out how I’m going to cope next year how I’m going to cope in the future when things get busy again.

I started by making a rule that I would finish working on my tax return at about 3ish so I had time to knit and think about what I’m going to do. I knew I wanted to start making things for charity. I wanted to make things to auction off for a local cat charity and also clothes for preemies. I mentioned it to someone in a group I’m in on Facebook and she sent me some yarn to help out.

On Saturday night, I made a decision. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew I needed to  find time to do it. And so an idea or maybe two was born!

First came #SelfCareSunday!


Admittedly I originally called it #SelfishSunday but Frenchie who runs the Fibre Muse Sanctuary on Facebook and has her own website suggested that Self Care Sunday was a better name for it. The premise for #SelfCareSunday is that you spend some time making something for yourself. You can make whatever you like in whatever medium you choose as long as it’s for you! You don’t have to spend all day doing it. Even if you only spend half an hour on it, just do it. The plan is that it’ll help ground me on busy weeks. Last Sunday, I started the Wheat Fields Shawl. I’m using Stylecraft Senses Lace which they’re discontinuing in January according to the lady in my local yarn shop. (Actually it’s a market stall in Aberdare but still!)

After Self Care Sunday, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to get to #SelflessSaturday!


I wanted to take some time out of my week to work on crafting for charity. Therefore, I decided that on Saturday afternoon, I would be doing so. There are two things I want to do as I mentioned above. At the moment, I’m planning on starting a Tunisian crochet blanket that I’ll auction off on eBay for Mittens Cat Rescue and then I’ll start making something for the preemies in the local special care baby unit.

I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram so feel free to follow me (gifted_goodies) to see what I’m up to! I’m not going to be proprietary about these hashtags so feel free to get involved and use them too! If you do, when I’m doing my monthly post about my efforts, I’ll share your efforts too. I’ll PM you on Instagram first to let you know I’ll be doing it! I’m not one of those people that thinks that public posts on social media are everyone’s property! Just tag me in your posts and use the correct tag for the correct thing.

I don’t even plan on being picky about what days you do these things on! I chose Saturday and Sunday because they’re the days that most people don’t work. And the alliteration was too great an opportunity to miss! When you’re doing your selfless or self care crafting, tag me and use the tag giftedgoodiescraftalong and I’ll include your pictures too!

If you’re worried you won’t remember the tags, keep an eye on my Instagram feed! I’ll remind you!


4 thoughts on “The Future Is Now….

  1. I really like the mantra ‘Early in the day, early in the week, early in the month, early in the year’. I did my tax return last month which is late for me. I usually try to do it before my son breaks up for the summer holidays. I like the idea of #SelflessSaturday #SelfcareSunday it’s a good way to get some balance.


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