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Crochet Creations Review – Crochet Hooks and Stitch Holders.

I’ve blogged before about Crochet Creation and how good their customer service is and how they’re great value for money.

Crochet Hooks & Stitch Holders

I’ve been thinking about replacing my crochet hooks for a while for personal reasons. RiverSystem bought them for me just over a year ago from Amazon and they’ve been really good but they’re starting to chip and there are other reasons that I won’t go into here. So when Kathryn at Crochet Creation asked if I’d like to review their bamboo crochet hooks, I said ‘Yes, pleimg_20161214_130323.jpgase!’ They came this week and I love them! The came today and I love love them! They are really smooth and comfortable to hold. The smaller sizes have ergonomic handles which is always a good thing! The size RiverSystem got for me last year was only a set of 12 hooks ranging in sizes from 3mm to 10mm. They’ve been really handy but I’ve lost a few and they’re bending and as I said before are chipped which makes working with them difficult! The Crochet Creations set comes with 20 hooks ranging from 1mm to 10mm. Like I said they’re lovely to use and hold. I used one of them this afternoon for my Big Chill Cardigan that I’m making for RiverSystem’s guitar teacher and it’s so lovely to work with!

The stitch markers are currently available for just $9.95 plus P&P which is a really reasonable price if you’re looking for a gift for a hookster.

I like working with bamboo hooks and needles because they are known to be better for people with chronic pain conditions. I have noticed that since I’ve simg_20161214_132755.jpgtarted using bamboo equipment, I am able to knit and crochet for longer and I don’t need to take as many breaks as I would with aluminium implements.

Crochet Creation also sent me some stitch holders, row counters and more a set of 50 stitch markers. I mentioned in a previous post how I’m really snobby about plastic stitch markers because they tend to snap. The ones that Crochet Creations sell however are really robust and don’t snap when you use them! They came in handy because I was just starting a blanket for my cousin’s baby. When I’m making a long starting chain, I like to attach locking stitch markers to every 20th chain in case I lose count. These are perfect because my starting chain was 200 long! I’m seriously thinking about changing my starting chain to a foundation treble but I’m going to have to work out how to skip a chain and how to do 2 trebles in one chain. If you have an answer let me know!

Stitch markers are always handy! They are useful when you’re making a jumper in the round and you have to put the main body on hold until you have done the sleeves to join them together. These come in 3 sizes and are really robust. They’re very unusual because they’re gold colours. Most stitch holders are silver coloured and I tend to lose them because my eyesight is getting so bad!

I wanted some row counters that go on knitting needles because they are handy to use. I have downloaded an app for my phone but that’s only as good as the phone battery. The row counters are really good. They’re smooth to use but strong enough not to change count when you put your knitting down and the cat decides to use your knitting as a pillow.

All of these items are currently free on Crochet Creations. All you have to do is pay for postage and packaging. So head over there and grab a bargain now!

There are a lot more lovely things on the website. For example I love this hook organiser! It’s so pretty! I might buy it with a set of hooks for a friend who’s just started crocheting. I also have these circular needles which are really cool! I’m using about 5 of them on various projects at the moment! And these needle point ends are perfect because I’m always putting my knitting in my bag and the stitches were always coming off and I also tend to stab RiverSystem with them. With the needle point protectors, that doesn’t happen! They’re just perfect!

NB: I was sent the items I have reviewed here in return for a review. All opinions are my own however.


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