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Looking For The Silver Lining – November 2016

I have been so busy for the last month that I totally forgot that it was the first of December yesterday!

Riversystem has been redecorating his studio this month which is why we didn’t have a podcast last month. I got a new phone this week though because he smashed the screen of my old phone. I’ve got a 32GB Huawei P9 which has a slot for a micro SD card which can be up to 128GB so I’m hoping to plug the SD card from my tablet in today and record the podcast on there even though he’s finished his studio now. Next on the to do list is the living room and dining room, then we’ll be doing my office and the bedroom.

We’ve been finding it really difficult recently because neither of us has been sleeping very well but we’ve put things in place to make sure we can sleep from now on. Teddy no longer sleeps in the bedroom for one!

Life has been really difficult with the fibro this month. The cold weather hasn’t been helping. Yesterday, I couldn’t walk to the kitchen and back. Today will mostly be spent box set binging and crocheting as I have a blanket commission to finish.

I know it’s not much but this is my Silver Lining this month. What’s yours?


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