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Looking For The Silver Lining – October 2016

There have been lots of things that have made me happy this month.

I’ve had my violin back from the luthier. He advised getting some fine tuners to put on which was a good call because RiverSystem snapped my D string while he was tuning it. I did order what I thought was 4 tuners from Amazon but when it came there was only one in the packet. I’ve ordered black ones instead now because I thought they’d go better with the violin. I’ve haven’t played it yet because RiverSystem wants me to wait until I’ve got the fine tuners before I tune it. But how smug am I that I put the silver one on without instructions!

I stayed with a friend for a few days this month. It meant lots of cuddles with Sir Edward, her Maine Coon kitten. It also meant a trip to a material shop in Swansea called Lee Mill Fabrics. I have a dress that has splits up the sides that come above the knee and is therefore immodest so I bought some material to insert into the splits so I’d still be able to walk in it. My friend is doing them for me because I’m a bit nervous when it comes to sewing and I want it to be right. She has promised to teach me how to use a sewing machine though which I’m looking forward to. I was in heaven in Lee Mills Fabric though. It was floor to ceiling fabric! And I got some oil cloth for 70p that I plan on trimming to make matching mats for the pet bowls. And I saw some fabric that would make a cool waistcoat for RiverSystem.

And we had fun washing some fleece my friend got to needle felt with!

RiverSystem bought me a new mug last week that said ‘Pyjama Day’ because let’s face it, every day is a pj day in this house! I’ve been getting on with ‘Operation Organisation’ this month. ‘Operation Organise Yarn Stash’ is finished. I just need to buy storage for it all now! I have two underbed boxes, two giant shopping bags and two medium shopping bags full of yarn! Yes! That much! It was fun winding it all up into cakes though.

I listed some new patterns on my Ravelry page this month but I’ll tell you about that in the podcast tomorrow.

Not much else has happened this month except for something stupendous! I know it doesn’t sound like much but I HAD MY HAIR CUT!! I have a love hate relationship with my body and a hate hate relationship with my hair. It was getting too long and I was struggling to brush it. It was too heavy when it was wet so I avoid washing it until I have to. My hair is sometimes curly but mostly frizzy although it’s been a lot better since I started using Lush’s Shampoo & Conditioner Bars. On Thursday night after I washed it, I asked RiverSystem to take a picture of the back of my hair to see what it looked like. I was horrified by what I saw! It was down to my elbows in some parts but some of it was shorter so it looked all ratty and horrible! I felt so bad about it that I wanted to hack it all off myself! I knew that was a bad idea because I’d feel a million times worse about myself but I didn’t know what to do. I have a phobia of mirrors and I hate too much noise so I find hair salons traumatic. Then someone suggested I look for a mobile hairdresser. Now I’ll be honest, my initial thought was: ‘Only old people use mobile hairdressers!’ But I knew I didn’t have any other choice so I googled mobile hairdressers in my area and found the number for a lovely lady named Danielle. She came Friday to cut my hair. She spent a few minutes talking to me about what I wanted from my hair and made suggestions on how to work with my hair. She washed and cut my hair before blow drying it straight for me. She even used my Shampoo which was really helpful because I find that the industrial products most hair dressers use react with my scalp. I was really impressed with the results and RiverSystem really liked it too. And it was cheaper than going to a salon! What do you think?

So that’s my silver lining for this month. What’s yours?


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