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Crochet Creations Knitting Needle Roll – Review

A few weeks ago, I spotted on the Crochet Creations Facebook page that they were advertising their bamboo circular needles. I have them and I love them. I like bamboo needles because I find that they don’t hurt my Fibromyalgia as much. I gushed about them a bit on the picture and thought no more of it. A few hours later, I had a message from the lovely Kathryn who runs their Facebook page thanking me for my comment. We got talking and I mentioned my blog. Kathryn offered to send me something to review for the blog. I needed a knitting needle roll so I asked for one of theirs.

Kathryn said it would take a few weeks to come because they’re based in the US but I was pleasantly surprised when it dropped on my mat yesterday morning. (Well actually the postman gave it to my husband as we were getting into the car but let’s not split hairs.) I saw them on the website and they look really nice. They’re $11.87 (£9.70) with about £5 P&P which makes them slightly more expensive this week than last week because of the drop in the pound.

It’s really difficult to see what things look like on the internet but when I got the roll, it felt as good as it looked. The material feels really hardwearing and strong. The ribbon was securely sewn onto the roll too. I have quite long needles but they fit easily in there and the short pockets are perfect for my DPNs. I have too many needles to fit them all in the case so I can see me getting another one soon. And it fits perfectly into my Johnson’s box of crafty bits and pieces…

The main website is Crochet Creations and they sell hand crocheted items as well as haberdashery items. I had a look round when I first spoke to Kathryn and there are lots of reasonably priced haberdashery items. In fact I purchased some row counters for my knitting projects.

In short, I loved the roll and I can’t wait to work with them again sometime soon!

NB: I was sent the roll free of charge in return for this review but all opinions expressed are my own.


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