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Podcast Episode 2 – A Bit About Living With Fibro & My WIP Bag…

On the podcast this week, I’m talking about fibro fog and living with fibromyalgia and depression.

I talk about smelling the roses and knowing who your friends are. I talked about Dancing Through Rainbows‘ post about the positives of living with a chronic illness.

I haven’t made a lot this month mostly because the fibro fog has been soooo bad! I’ve finished ONE of RiverSystem’s zigzagulat socks and I talked a bit about second sock syndrome. The struggle is real people!

I’ve mad a few things and listed two patterns on my Ravelry and Etsy pages.

I also mentioned my Streaming Through The Mountains Cowl which I’m currently knitting up.

Designers who have caught my eye this month are:

  • Rae Gronmark from Knit To Be Tied. Check out her Autumn In Skyrim. I’m not a Skyrim fan but the photography of her patterns really caught my interest! They’re phenomenal designs! Although I do go off on a bit a rant about those pom-poms that look like Tribbles! Sorry! Not sorry!
  • The next designer I’ve been talking to is Nancy Hay. She’s quite a new designer and only has two designs up at the moment but if they’re anything to go by, she’s one to watch!
  • I also spoke a bit about Francoise from Aroha Knits. I’ve been looking at her Tokerau Shawl and wanting to make it for the mother in law.

I’ve been looking at too many patterns to count this month so have a look at my favourites page on Ravelry for all of my favourite patterns!

I want to thank Margareta for testing my Caterpillar Baby Cocoon and also for my peacock pin cushion! How cute is that?!?!

I also like to thank Barb for testing my Autumnal Dog Walk Cowl and for doing such a good job of it.

The fibro fog is bad today so I apologise if I haven’t put all the links up I should! If I’ve missed one let me know and I’ll rectify it!

Thank you for listening and downloading. I’m really touched that so many people want to hear what I have to say!


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