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Looking For The Silver Lining – September 2016

The end of this month crept up on me this month so this post is a day late which means my wip bag post will also be a day late.

I’ve been spending a lot of time resting this month and keeping myself busy with knitting and crochet. I’ve finished a lot of projects and started a few too.

We’ve had a peaceful month which is always good. My health hasn’t been up to scratch this month so I’ve enjoyed the peace.

I’ve been enjoying walking Teddy this month. Even if we haven’t been able to go far. It’s been nice to enjoy the autumn weather. The leaves are starting to go brown now which I love! Autumn is my favourite season because the temperature is cooler and the leaves look so beautiful on the trees.

I’ve published a few patterns on Ravelry this month. I did the Initiate Knit Design Challenge which has helped focus my thoughts on things.

We have a new car! We bought a Suzuki Ignis with a bit of help from RiverSystem’s parents because we haven’t had the money from RiverSystem’s bike yet.

RiverSystem’s officially started the second year of his degree. He’s excited!

I got a new violin this week. It needs a bit of work but I blogged about it yesterday. I’m looking forward to getting it sorted. RiverSystem told me last night that because I used most of the money I got from clients in May to buy a car and pay bills, he’s going to use some of his grant to get the violin done up.

Anyway, that’s my Silver Lining this month. What’s yours?


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