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When You Think You May Have Done Something Foolish…

A few months ago, RiverSystem mentioned to the manager of A Strings in Pontypridd that I was looking for a vintage violin. It was a throw away comment and we went on to talk about other things. About 10 minutes later while he was serving us at the till, he mentioned the fact I was looking for a violin again and asked, ‘Would you be interested in a project?’

I perked up because I’d been looking at violins and they were totally out of my price range! So I asked what kind of project and he said that they’d bought some violins off a retiring violin teacher and that they needed a bit of work but that they were only looking for £20 for them.

Yesterday, we popped back in because a RiverSystem was looking for new cables for his sound system and I mentioned this again. The other manager went and got 3 violins from the back.

One of them was beautiful but it was a 3/4 size. One was the same colour as my current violin which let’s face it is not what I wanted. But there was one that was the right size and a beautiful colour! It was a Stradivarius copy by Rosetti. As you can see, it’s a gorgeous colour! So I bought it. OK. I have to pop back tomorrow with the cash because it wasn’t technically shop stock but they let me bring it home… And they only wanted £20 for it.

There’s a bit of damage on the fingerboard and someone has scratched their name inthe veneer but it’s such a nice violin! If you want to see more pictures head over to the folder on my Gifted Goodies Facebook page for more detailed photos.

I was going to get the scratches fixed but MrsDaftSpaniel wisely suggested that I leave them as clues to the violin’s history. I can’t wait to get the strings replaced and the bridge put into place so I can play it and see what it sounds like! I’m meeting with a luthier this week to see how much it would cost to get it refurbished but I think the worst that needs doing is cleaning and new strings.. The bridge looks fine. I am considering getting the fingerboard repainted but I might just do that myself…

I’ll let you know how it goes! Suffice it to say I’m really excited!!!


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