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A Tour Of RiverSystem’s Recording Studio & Review of GiddyKipperUK…

So I mentioned before about RiverSystem’s Studio and how we’ve finally finished organising it! I just wanted to show you what he has done. RiverSystem needs a space for recording his music and for studying for his OU degree.

So he painted his Studio back in June but he’s been putting off putting the guitar hangers on the wall and a curtain pole up on the window. RiverSystem’s nemesis is DIY. I can’t do it because I haven’t got the strength in my arms to hold the drill.

Anyhoo, a lot of our DIY and housey type projects have been on hold while his Dad was unable to drive after his knee replacement. He’s now back on his feet so we’ve been focussing our attention on the house and decluttering.

Last week, RiverSystem’s Dad came down with his brother and mother to help with the DIY. His brother, A, drilled all the holes so they could put everything up on the wall. They also moved the furniture into the room and set the desk up. After they left RiverSystem finished organised his things and put all the books on shelves etc…

When he’d finished, he said to me ‘Come and have a look.’ And it was a lovely musical creative space. He then said ‘Do you want to bring the IKEA chair from the living room up so you can sit down comfy and watch Amazon Prime and knit while I’m studying?’ I loved this idea! We haven’t brought the chair up yet because we need to take it apart to get it through the door. 🤔 Instead, we’ve brought my office chair in until we get round to finding the Allen Key. I’m beginning to think that my father had a point when he said you should cellotape the Allen key to your furniture… But I have my crafty space in his office and it’s really comfortable! I’m currently sat in his office listening to the Knitting Butterflies Podcast and blogging while he masters ‘The Mess In My Head‘ which is one of his songs.

He also put his plaque on the door. I’m trying to get him to gloss the door but that will come with time. He hates glossing!

I wanted to tell you about GiddyKipperUK. When I discovered her, Instagram page last year, I knew I HAD to buy something from her! She put up a picture of a plaque with a guitar hung underneath, I loved it! So I asked if she could do one that said ‘Recording Studio’ for RiverSystem’s Studio! So I messaged her and asked her if she could make one with ‘Recording Studio’ on it for the studio. She was totally accomadating and didn’t charge a lot. It was only £15 including P&P. When she sent me the picture of it, I knew it was perfect! She made it really quickly and it got here quickly too. RiverSystem loved it as soon as I showed it to him. I have to say, her customer service is fantastic and I’d definitely recommend her. Have a look at her website. She doesn’t just do plaques. She makes lots of other things! (NB: All views are my own. I purchased this plaque with my own money and didn’t receive anything in return for this review)

He has his mic set up and connected to his 2013 iMac which is really cool because it means I can use it for my podcasts! I’ve upgraded my account on podbean and submitted my podcast to iTunes and it’s waiting to be reviewed. I’m planning lots of things for my podcasts. What would you like to hear in my podcasts? I thought I could interview local designers and makers and also showcasing new pattern designers on Ravelry because I think it’s important to share the crafty love. And I was horrified when I listened to The Yarniacs Podcast and the were really snobby about a new designer

 I’m not being funny right but, we all have to start somewhere! And do you actually know how difficult it is to write a pattern? You get your idea and sketch it out. Then you trawl stitchtionaries and the internet to find the stitches that will make your idea come to life. Then you have to sketch out your pattern and chart it. Then you swatch it and block your swatch so you can get an idea of stitch definition and tension. Then you write your pattern and knit up your sample. Then you send it to your test knitters. And let me tell you, when you’re a new designer, it’s really difficult to get people to test knit your idea. Then you have to get it tech edited and do your photo shoot so you can show off your idea. And then you style it, using only free software because you can’t afford to buy the fancy software top designers use. Then when you’re finally happy, you get someone to idiot check it for you just in case. Then you PDF it and upload it to Ravelry and you have to advertise it because you can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you! And you have to do all this yourself! You don’t have anyone to help you do the legwork! Although I have to be honest, the Transform Your Yarn group on Facebook which is run by Francoise from Aroha Knits is really supportive and helpful if you want to bounce an idea of someone or need advice.

But my point is, it takes a lot of work and effort to write a pattern and publish it, but we don it because we’re creative people and we want to share our ideas with the world. I’m not saying this to make you feel sorry for designers. I’m just trying to make you appreciate the hard work we do to give birth to our ideas and then for someone to be really snobby about our efforts it really hurts. Us creative people are really sensitive! Sorry! Rant over! I’ll get off my soapbox now!

And I’m not saying to boycott The Yarniacs Podcast, I’m not trying to be nasty or anything. I just think there are two sides to every story and people have to start somewhere.

Anyway, this is RiverSystem’s office. He’s really happy with it and I’m happy that he wants me to be with him while he studies. Have you got your own little space at home? What’s it like?

Incidentally, RiverSystem’s finished mastering his track and has uploaded it to SoundCloud. You can listen to it here. I think he’s made a huge difference to the track. I hope you agree! Please listen to his songs. He’s really good. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my husband.

If you have an opinion about anything, I’ve said in this post or in any of my posts please feel free to share it in a comment but please be nice. Any abusive comments won’t be published and will be deleted.


2 thoughts on “A Tour Of RiverSystem’s Recording Studio & Review of GiddyKipperUK…

  1. Typing up my comment as I listen along to Mess in My Head – he’s done a good job. I agree there’s no need to be nasty with comments about another person’s creative output. Better to offer help if there’s an easy way to improve things.


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