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Gifted Goodies Podcast Episode 1 – The One Where I Introduce Myself

Us on our wedding day
I’m a bit lot nervous about this so please be gentle and bear with me but…..


As you can tell, I’m slightly excited about this! I wanted to explain here the reasons for me doing a podcast.

When I’m blogging, my mind tends to run at a hundred miles an hour and sometimes I forget halfway through a blog post what I’m planning to say so I felt that because I was preparing for a podcast, I’d say all the things I wanted to say and wouldn’t forget about things. I mentioned to RiverSystem last month that I wanted to start podcasting and he bought me an iRig mic which is comparable with my iPad mini 3. The only problem is that I only have the 16gb version so there’s not enough room to store the recordings so I’m going to upgrade when I can to an Acer Switch which has a bigger memory and processing power. Anyhow… RiverSystem said that I could use his 2013 iMac until I upgrade but I think I’ll carry on using Garage Band on the mac anyway and keep my mic for when I want to interview makers. So he said I should start when he set up his office which he finished in the week. He’s been on at me for a while to have a go and today, he said ‘I’ll just show you what to do and you can carry on.’ Once I was going, I couldn’t shut up and managed to talk for almost half an hour!

I mentioned a few things in my podcast that I felt I needed to share the links to here.

My Web Presence

Initiate Knit Design Challenge

I mentioned that I’m taking part in the Initiate Knit Design Challenge this week. Francoise from Aroha Knits is a lovely lady who has given her time and energy to help aspiring designers like me to get their feet off the ground and design their first pattern. There are lots of fantastic people taking part in the challenge. Search the tag InitiateKnitDesign on Instagram to see what all these talented people are sharing!

My design is The Autumnal Dog Walk Cowl. I blogged about it here but head over to my project page on Ravelry to see daily updates on what I’m doing. Oh and check out my Instagram page too for more updates.

I’m also currently knitting up my sample of my Siôl Fagu Gyda Galon. I haven’t blogged my inspiration for this yet but expect one soon. I spoke a bit about my inspiration on the podcast.

Also, don’t forget that I already have a pattern listed on my Ravelry page. On October 7th, I have a post scheduled that has a voucher code for this pattern. I’m so excited but I’ve sworn myself to secretcy till then!

Yarn Choices

It’s no secret that I love Stylecraft yarns. They’re reasonably priced and are excellent quality. I made the blanket in the picture below a year ago. Anne has kindly let me reproduce the photo here. As you can see, the colours still look as fresh and bright as when it was first made. And as you can see, it’s so soft that Nismo loves it! Anne blogs at Dancing Through Rainbows.

                          Picture curtesy of Anne Turner

Drops by Garnstudio is another favourite of mine. I made a rug for RiverSystem’s recording studio in Drops Eskimo and felted it. The pattern was from Simply Ceochet Issue 40. I’m happy with the results. Speaking of which, expect a blog post about his studio soon with a review of GiddyKipperUK!

I’ve also been buying from indie dyers recently. My favourites are Owl About Yarn and Mothy & the Squid. I’m making the Now In A Minute Shawl and made the Dublin Bay Socks with these yarns.


I mentioned a bit about RiverSystem and his SoundCloud account and what he’s studying with The Open University. I mentioned too that I’m making RiverSystem the Zigzagular socks.


Please be gentle while I find my podcast style! I’m hoping to interview local makers and designers. I’ve had a few people listen to the podcast and the sound quality is good! What would you like to hear about in future posts? I’m hoping to post at least once a month so watch this space for more posts!


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