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Challenge Accepted…

RiverSystem and I have an agreement that any money he spends on his hobby (I.e. Any new musical instruments or computer games) I would match on yarnie spending. It came about first because he wanted to spend £750 on a guitar which admittedly was lush so I said that I’d spend £750 on yarn so the guitar would actually cost him £1500 to put him off buying it. Anyway, he was looking at a vintage epiphone electric on Facebook this week that was £220 so he showed it to me and said ‘I bet you couldn’t spend £220 on yarn!’

Challenge accepted! So I sat down last night when I couldn’t sleep and looked at how I’d spend the money. I started randomly putting yarn in my Wool Warehouse basket but decided to do it properly and have a look at my Ravelry favourites and what I’d make if I did have £220 to spend on yarn.
NB: I don’t intend spending £220 on yarn. This is just a wish list. If you decide you want to buy me the yarn, you’re most welcome to…

Fisherman’s Yoke Sweater For RiverSystem 

Greenish Knee Socks for Sadie which I’ll make in sparkly purple and black…

  • Pattern – Free
  • Yarn – Mothy and the Squid 75/25 Merino/Nylon – 2 x £16 per 100g – £32.00
  • Yarn – Drops Glitter in Silver at £1.50 per 10g – £1.50

Bonny by Tin Can Knits for me

  • Pattern – £6.60 (Though I may just buy the ebook)
  • Yarn – Drops Lace in Purple/Violet Mix – 3 x £4.05 per 50g – £12.25

Teen Jumper from Simply Knitting Issue 151 for Roo

  • Pattern – Already Owned (September Issue)
  • Yarn – Drops Belle in Moss Green, Dandielion and Zinc – 9 x £1.65 per 50g – £14.85

Shark Attack in Simply Knitting Issue 151 for Bear

Sea Princess in Simply Knitting Issue 152 for Flower

    • Pattern – Already owned
    • Yarn – Caron Simply Soft in White – £3.99 per 170g – £3.99
    • Yarn – Caron Simply Soft Ombré in Teal Zeal – 3 x 3.99 per 113g – £11.97

    Water For The Elephants by Yvette Noel for Me.

    • Pattern – £3.77
    • Yarn – Drops Fabel in two undecided colours – 2 x £2.00 per 50g – £4.00

    Rosebud Scarf by Sasha Kagan for my mother in law who’s name is Rosemary

      • Pattern – EBook – £11.52 ish
      • Yarn – Drops Cotton Light in Light Purple & Dark Red – 2 x £0.95 per 50g – £1.90
      • Yarn – Drops Love You 6 in Charcoal (7 balls), coral, mustard, laurel green, sea green, light pink, amethyst – 13 x £0.80 per 50g – £10.40

      Police Box Sox for the sister in law who’s Dr Who mad

      • Pattern – Free
      • Stylecraft Special 4ply in Midnight, Black & White – 3 x £2.49 per 100g – £7.47

      Chasing Waves by Shelagh Garside (which has just been published) for me

      The Joker & The Thief by Melanie Berg for Me

      Nut-Hap by Jen Arnall-Culliford

        • Pattern – Book of Haps – £19.99
        • Drops Belle in Silver (5 balls), Beige (2), Dark Jeans Blue (2), Old Pink (2), Mauve (2) – 13 x £1.65 per 50g – £21.45

        Grand Toral – £249.70

        So there you have it. I can quite easily spend that much on yarn! I’ll probably be returning to this list over the next few months to purchase the various bits and pieces I need and to add to it. It’s not an exhaustive list of all the things I want to make! Check out my Ravelry profile for a full list! I have 584 favourites. I might be some time making all those!

        Have you been inspired to make any of the patterns I’ve listed here today? How would you spend £220 on your hobby? I hope you like my choices. Let me know if I’ve inspired you to make anything!

        NB: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and research is my own. I was not paid to include any specific yarns or patterns etc.


        2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted…

        1. £220 wouldn’t stretch very far for me. I have a habit of buying a lot of expensive equipment for my hobbies. For example, I have 5 spinning wheels, several weaving looms and umpteen sewing machines. And I spend a lot on courses too. Hmmm. I suspect I’d spend the £220 on a couple of felting courses, those are usually £65-£70 each, then maybe do a weaving course as well. 🙂


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