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Aroha Knits’ Initiate Knit Design Challenge – Day 1

Since I started crocheting and making things for people, I’ve wanted to design patterns to share my gift with others. I even designed my own cross stitch pattern that I made of a Celtic snake. I love creating and have lots and lots of ideas rolling round my head at the moment of things I want to make and sometimes they get a bit confused. So when The lovely Francoise from Aroha Knits sent out an email advertising her latest design challenge, I knew I had to take part! I excitedly signed up and eagerly awaited her first email and thought about what yarn I would use for my design.

Her email dropped into my inbox yesterday and I read it straight away. Her first email was about what inspires you and thinking about a theme for your design. She suggested just making a cowl or rectangular shawl for the challenge.

As soon as I’d finished reading her email, I headed over to Pinterest for image ideas. I knew what yarn I wanted. I had two balls each of Hayfield Chunky with Wool and Katia Mystery Plus that I knew would be perfect for the challenge so I looked at ideas along those lines. I was thinking about autumnal dog walks in the rain. I was thinking leaves, raindrops and umbrellas and possibly a dog or two. I decided on a border of leaves with a central panel with raindrops and umbrellas and dogs and possibly a rainbow or two… I’m thinking a provisional cast on with a Kitchener Stitch join just because I want a seamless circle to represent the water cycle and the cycle of the seasons.

Reading Francoise’s email made me think about all the different things that inspire me. It’s different things really. I take a lot of inspiration from the season. I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination but I’m always amazed at the flowers on the side of the road that flourish and grow despite not being tended by anyone. I like crunching through dry brown leaves in the autumn. (Although that doesn’t really happen much here because it’s always raining. I like the colours of the skies and how you never see another sky the same. Even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky, the sky is always a different shade of blue.

A lot of what inspires me is the yarn itself. If I see a yarn I like and feels soft and squishy in my hands, sometimes I look at it and think ‘I know exactly what I’m going to make with that!’ Sometimes, I search I buy yarn even if I don’t know what I’m going to make with it and search Ravelry for inspiration.

Inspiration can come from lots of places and can surprise you with what you get out of an experience.

I don’t know where this pattern will end up but I’ll let you know. I’m already thinking that my next cowl will be inspired by a summer’s day on the beach in my home town of Llanelli. I’m thinking also about translating my patterns into Welsh just because I can.

So that’s what inspires me. What inspires you?


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