Looking for the silver lining

Looking For The Silver Lining – August 2016

To stave off all the negativity in my life, I’m determined to publish a few of the nice things that have happened in my life.

This month marked our eight year anniversary. We’ve had our ups and downs but RiverSystem and I are fairly happy together. There are things that would make us happier but these things will be sorted in due course. We’ve been secretly buying for each other. I got a handmade card with the above excerpt from Marriage Song by Bob Dylan. I’ll post a picture of the front when I get round to taking it. I bought him a mug and a print for his office. He bought me an iRig mic so I can start podcasting and a violin tuner. And we had a lovely succulent that his sister propagated herself. RiverSystem’s other sister and his brother bought us new music stands.

We spent some time with RiverSystem’s nephew this month. It’s a good thing RiverSystem has a sense of humour with all the things he did to him! He’s always good for lifting your spirits when you’re feeling down.

RiverSystem’s father had a knee replacement at the beginning of the month. The operation went well and he’s recovering well. We’ve been back and fore to Abergavenny where they live so I haven’t had a lot of time or energy for any of the nice things I’d planned for our anniversary but that’s ok. There’s always next month.

If you read my old blog, you’ll know that I had an anthurium that I affectionately called Ruby. Ruby died about six months ago when we repotted her. This week my mother in law bought me a new one which I have dubbed Ruby Mk2.

I’ve been finding my creativity returning this month which has led to me designing some new patterns which I intend to publish. The psychiatrist did put me on a low dose of another antipsychotic to try and lift my mood but I’ve been having three migraines a week since I was put on it at the end of July so when I spoke to the GP, he told me to come off them.

I’ve been given some good news this month that I can’t share but it’s something that’s made me really happy. Anyway, this is my dose of happiness this month. What’s yours? I’d love to know.


3 thoughts on “Looking For The Silver Lining – August 2016

  1. There are quite a lot of good things there to savour aren’t there? I think you’re right to focus on the positives as much as possible.


  2. Hello. Thanks for your uplifting blog. I suffer terribly from depression and .general negativity but am trying hard to overcome both. I rescued a lost wandering dog this morning that had collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration in a park near my house, gave an old man at the supermarket a few coins so he had enough money to pay for the few groceries he so obviously needed and had coffee and carrot cake with my sister who lives about an hours drive away from me. All uplifting things that made me happy.


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