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Freeness of Speech & Freedom of Speech Are Not The Same Thing!

Disclaimer: This is not a political post. All opinions expressed are my own and I mean no offense by these remarks. I’m just frustrated!

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My Word of the Year 2019: Present

Last year was somewhat of a disaster for me personally. Family members and friends became sick and I lost others that I wasn’t planning on losing. People are supposed to live forever! It came as a great shock to me to find out that they don’t. My own health deteriorated last year to the point that in December 2018, I felt the need to contact the DVLA about surrendering my driving license. A difficult decision you’ll understand. Especially as I can’t just jump in the car when I want 5 minutes peace or if I want to go somewhere!

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The End Of An Era – The Removal Of The Severn Bridge Tolls

I’ve been going back and fore to England via the Severn Bridge since I can remember. We’ve gone back and fore across the bridge more times than I’d care to count! Every time, we used to smile and wave and chat to the people in the booth and commiserate about the weather being too hot… Continue reading The End Of An Era – The Removal Of The Severn Bridge Tolls

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Waste Not Want Not…

This weekend, the berries on the elder tree in the garden were finally ready to pick! I wasted no time collecting as many as my small stature (5’2″) allowed! Unfortunately, my meagre height didn’t allow for enough collection so I sneaked off to the tree on the green next to our house to get more from there.